Privacy Respecting Proximity is a patented (Australia) and patent pending (USA) system that allows for pairs of anonymised locations to be securely verified for proximity without leaking the underlying physical geographic coordinates. 

PRP has a range of uses in security, social networking, and information distribution, and is available for license to interested parties. Contact us for details.


At conferences, concerts, festivals, and in pop-up stores and during busy sales periods, long queues mean many customers simply give up rather than line up and wait to pay at the till using their credit card. Tillless allows shoppers to scan and buy goods, and merchants to sell directly from their personal smartphones. Tillless means shorter queues, more satisfied shoppers and increased revenue for retailers from customers who would have otherwise walked away. 

Tillless was created with Jason Elston from One Zero One in Australia. Payments is a challenging space to build a business, and so the project is currently on hold (as of June 2015) while we work out how to take what is essentially a feature and turn it into a complete product.

If you are interested in the technology, contact Jason or Matthew and we would be happy to chat.


Gyre and Gymble is a very new way to think about something that we all use - and throw away - every day. Coming soon!