Whine and Dime #0020


It happened again: one of the bag check "clerks" at Heathrow airport pulled out my cabin luggage bag (which has gone thru the check at least 16 times in the last two months) and questioned the plastic bag containing my toiletries. Just to be clear: he checked the plastic bag, not the contents of the plastic bag. Apparently, even though I had the correct number of items, and each of the items was less than 100ml in volume, this person thought it necessary to check the actual plastic bag that they were in "because it was not an official plastic bag." The lunacy of this is just mind blowing. Whatever it was we were allegedly fighting against, this kind of behaviour tells me we have already lost.


Mondo had a great outcome with it's latest crowdfunding effort. They raised £1m in 96 seconds, making it the fastest crowdfunding raise in history at more than £10,000/second. Impressive.

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