Whine and Dime #0025


It's been a good week! I've been a part of the launch of Coup (see below), and now I'm going on holidays for a week in (hopefully) sunny Sicily. I certainly have nothing to whine about! However, the late news that this idiot has been elected to the Australian Senate is almost enough to cast a pall over the week.


I've had the great privilege of working with some really talented people in Berlin over the last 8 months or so on the Coup Electric Scooter Sharing Network in Berlin. The project is in soft-launch at the moment, with a view to kicking off later this month. It's not all that often that a project you work on gets a write-up in Wired Magazine. #chuffed













A slight change of format from now on. Industry News and Blog Posts are combined into News, and I have simplified some of the other section headings (eg 'Nerding out' to 'Development'). Also, the linked news items will be categorised under relevant hashtags. I might try to do some stats over time against the hashtags, time permitting.


  • Image source: 'Do electric scooters dream of robot sheep?' (a photo I took in the garage while we were setting up for the launch of Coup this week)