Whine and Dime #0021


If you have been playing along at home, you would have noticed that things have been very quiet with the blog over the last month or so. That's because I've been doing a ludicrous amount of international travel from the UK into Europe. I'm back in London this week and it will be the first time since the 18th of January that I have spent more than 3 nights in a row in London. For practical reasons that should be obvious, I'm going to have to cut down on the frequency of the blog to monthly (ish), rather than weekly. I'm pretty sure no one will notice.


After having missed the 2015/2016 Summer in Australia, Spring in Europe is really lovely. And sometimes there's even some sun around.

Industry News

Debate has kicked off again that Craig Steven Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Hacker News, Reddit, and the Economist itself, there's almost no way that this is true. But it sure is an odd story, and it looks set to continue.

Cheques are on their way out in Australia. And Facebook wants to partner with Aussie banks on mobile strategy.

Is Bitcoin really frictionless?

Was SWIFT compromised by Bangladesh bank hackers?

Here's a few numbers from Tim Cook on Apple Pay.

The financial industry is having its Napster moment, says Bloomberg.

Check out Appii. They're doing something novel: binding resume and qualification details into the blockchain. It's certainly an interesting idea.

Digital money hasn't (yet) killed cash. Here are some reasons why.

Here's a really good discussion on the A16Z podcast on bots and conversational commerce.

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