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It's really quite hard to get a weekly blog post out when you have a proper job. Particularly one that requires you to spend half a normal working week in airports, airplanes, or fast trains. From now on, Whine and Dime is likely to live up to his byline of being a "(semi)regular" newsletter.


It's no surprise that the Germans have a great reputation for engineering. The attention to detail of the Rails programmers on my current project is World class.

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These are the most innovative UK startups to watch in 2016. The full list is here.

Basic income: the idea that we should pay all people an unconditional wage, instead of most other forms of categorized social security. Has it's time come? When Y-Combinator starts asking questions about the idea, it's probably a sign that it is something worth paying attention to. Of course, not everyone agrees.

Chase in the US is going to roll out cardless ATMs. It will work via a smartphone app in which the user effectively remotely controls the ATM. Another step along the way to getting rid of plastic.

More ATM news, this time in the form of support for Apple Pay, with both Wells and Bank of America apparently integrating their ATMs. It's not entirely clear how the integration will work, but going cardless as per the Chase example above would seem to make sense. One advantage of such an approach is that it might make it harder for card skimmers. Obviously, a good thing.

Australia's Reserve Bank says Australian dollars could come in digital form in future..

The Power of Visa Network Delivered as an API.

Conversational User Experience. This just keeps coming up. Watch out for a change in the way we interact with machines based on text. It's a short walk from here to conversing with systems using speach and natural language. And here come the #fintech conversational commerce start-ups: “Meet Cleo”. See also @meet_cleo.

Will the rise of conversational UIs be the downfall of designers?

This man wants to upend the world of high-frequency trading. Best of luck.

The Never-Ending Story: Europe’s Banks Face a Frightening Future.

The Open Bank Project is an interesting attempt to provide a unified interface to banking systems.

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  • @meet_cleo - conversational commerce comes to financial services

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